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Careers Worth Having,
Businesses Worth Owning,
& Lives Worth Living

In real estate you're more than just a salesperson, you're a business owner.

As a business owner, you're in complete control of your success however that may look. Whether your goal is to earn more money, free up more time for yourself and those who matter most in your life, or open more doors for personal and financial growth, a rewarding career in real estate with KELLER WILLIAMS is one of the fastest ways to get there.

Receiving the Keys

Is Real Estate The Right

Move For Me?

How does my current career help me in real estate?

The skills that make for a great REALTOR® aren't proprietary to the industry. In fact, there are many different industries that require and share the same key qualities and skills it takes to build a successful real estate business.



One of the key qualities in real estate is educating and guiding clients through the transaction process.

Medical Worker


Healthcare professionals understand the importance of keeping us calm in stressful situations.

Serving Beer


Much like real estate, successful service industry professionals build strong relationships with their clients. 

Teachers, nurses, public servants, hosts and servers, and sales associates are just the tip of the iceberg of professionals who make exceptional real estate agents. 

Real estate is a unique industry that allows you to create your own work schedule which can be ideal when a slower transition from your current career is necessary.

Here are some of the key attributes that make for a successful real estate business owner.

Committed to customer service

Communication skills

Fascination for technology

Empathetic and enthusiastic

Trustworthy & accountable

Thrive in a team atmosphere

Interpersonal skills

Leadership skills

Young businessman

What's The Average Salary

For A New Agent?

A simple question with such a complex answer... There's no question that real estate is unique in the sense that it is one of the only careers where you can become licensed in an incredibly short period of time and dive right into production on day one with

NO LIMIT to what you can earn.

The average salary has so many moving parts and differs from market centre to market centre. Some of the industry factors that play a role in a real estate salesperson's salary are the following.

Average sale price in your area

Your target market

Marketing & business expenses

Are you full-time or part-time?


Your market centre CAP amount

Do you specialize in residential or commercial properties

Realistically, most of those are outside our control... However, the most crucial factors we face daily that directly influence a real estate professional's salary are our own habits and limiting beliefs.


The sky really is the limit in this industry, and there is no ceiling to building lasting generational wealth with a strong foundation and the proper support.


If you're motivated and keep yourself accountable, KELLER WILLIAMS has the systems and tools already in place for you to smash all your financial and personal goals.

Making a living in real estate is simple, not easy.

It's Simple

It's simple, but not always easy to keep yourself accountable to performing the tasks that are proven to work.


KELLER WILLIAMS' coaches are here to help keep you on track with personalized coaching programs that focus on your individual strengths.

What Are Commission Splits?

For every commission check you receive there is a split in place with your market centre that contributes to the operating costs of that market centre. As a Keller Williams agent, regardless of your experience you operate on a 70% / 30% split of your commission with your market centre.

70% goes to you

30% to the market centre > company dollar until you've capped

What Is Capping?

Each market centre has a max dollar amount for company dollar collected through the 30% deducted from your commission split. Once you've surpassed your market centre's cap dollar amount, you've  CAPPED!


Once you've CAPPED, your split then changes from 70%/30% to the entire 100% to you... This means you are no longer required to pay any company dollar from your commissions for the remainder of your anniversary year.

Business Discussion

Job Security

The industry has and will continue to evolve as time goes on, but the need for housing and for industry professionals to facilitate these transactions will continue to be an essential part of real estate.


We saw this during the global pandemic when real estate professionals across the country were deemed essential as the way the world does business changed. More people are working from home which has led to a wave of working professionals and families realizing their dreams and goals while migrating to more comfortable properties outside of the larger congested cities.

The real estate market shifts, that's a fact. Being able to proactively adapt during these shifts is what will allow us to build recession-proof businesses that continue to thrive and grow while continuing to serve our clients at the absolute highest level.

Smiling Woman


Interested in learning more about the steps to becoming a licensed REALTOR® and joining KELLER WILLIAMS? Fill in the form below and let's chat.

Congrats on taking the first step towards living a life by design!

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