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The Tech-Enabled Agent

We're 100% behind you!

At Keller Williams, we believe technology exists to simplify everyday life, making room for what truly matters. That's why we created the right tools, tech, and resources to help you elevate your business to the highest level.

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What Role Does Technology

Play In Real Estate?

Now, as home and business increasingly coexist and virtual life weaves itself into reality, you need a partner with the right tools, tech, and resources to help you maintain your business at the highest level – rain or shine.

You’ll find that partner in Keller Williams.

Real estate is about relationships, yet when technology was added to the equation, sustaining the quality of those relationships became more challenging. So, we pivoted toward co-developing technology with our real estate agents to prioritize the connections they’ve created. All while helping you serve your client's unique needs and forge a path to your ultimate goal -

A business worth owning, a career worth having and a life worth living.

Keller Cloud

The Keller Cloud streamlines everything you need to manage your business into one convenient, easy-to-access place. Through the power of AI and machine learning, we provide the technology you need to run, grow, and future-proof your business.

We've laid the path to gaining your unfair share of the real estate market by becoming a tech-enabled agent.

The tech space for real estate will forever be moving and changing. Keller Williams is dedicated to supporting its associates through all market conditions in real estate, as well as in technology. KW has invested $1 billion over the next 10 years to make sure we are top of mind when people think of real estate technology. Come learn more about how our technology can impact your business, as well as your life.

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What is KW Command?

Command Video

In a nutshell, it's your unfair edge over the competition

KW Command is more than just a CRM, it’s a centralized platform that puts agents in control of their database and their business. It is the solution to the real estate industry’s most recognized issues:




Built By Agents, For Agents

Command was created to maximize your every move.

Command is an integrated suite of tools that helps you connect with your clients in a targeted and meaningful way. From lead, to close, to lifetime client relationships, our leading-edge real estate technology puts you in control of your database, your business, and your future.

Do what you do best and automate the rest.

Easily group and organize your contacts for timely, automated follow-up and lead generation, then use SmartPlans to design specific (automatic) communication plans for each one.

Contacts - Comprehensive contact database management.

Tasks - Workflow and task automation.

SmartPlans - Automated client touches.

Referrals - Connect with over 200k+ KW agents worldwide.

Opportunities - Sales pipeline and transaction management.

Campaigns - The best ROI on paid ads, email marketing, direct mail, and social posts all in one place.
Reports - Track your goals and production to scale your business.

Designs - built-in design and marketing software.

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Consumer App & Sites

I Get My Own App?

YES!!! You sure do.

The KW App is the first of its kind and the quintessential, consumer-facing counterpart to Command. Launching your personalized app means collecting valuable consumer insights and laying the groundwork for relationships that last a lifetime. With countless customization options, you can make it your own, because it is your own.


Consumer App

An experience that revolves around the customer,

but keeps you at the centre of everything.

So much more than search, our consumer suite fuses client preference with your expertise. The combined power of Command, your KW App, and your branded website add up to a best-in-class consumer experience, fueled by real-time data that allows you to guide clients toward well-informed decisions. Automate the functionary and stay at the center of the transaction, where you belong.

And My Own Website Too?


Effortlessly create a website that’s more than a digital business card – it’s your calling card. Primed for lead generation, Sites delivers contacts directly to Command and seamlessly integrates with your KW App allowing leads to search and save listings from anywhere in the US. Share contact information, up-to-the-minute market data, and promote whatever will boost your business.

There’s So Much More

KW Tech to Discover



I'm ready for more info

Congrats on taking the first step towards living a life by design!

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